Wound Detectives: can you solve it?

Have you tried to solve the the Wound Detectives series yet in Wounds UK? Head to the latest issue of the journal to have a go. What is the cause of the wound, what tests would you order to confirm your diagnosis and what treatment would you plan?

Addressing skin tone bias in wound care

This document aims to provide clinicians with practical guidance to aid accurate assessment and diagnosis in all skin tones, optimising patient care and improving outcomes. Mikko Enoc, one of the working group, describes the development of the Best Practice and why now is the time to start the conversation around skin tone bias in wound […]

Lindsay Leg Club at Wounds UK 2021

The Lindsay Leg Club was the Charity of Year at this year’s Wounds UK conference. Jemell Geraghty explains what impact it can have for people in the community beyond wound care. Visit www.legclub.org for more information.