Medicareplus International Product Overview

Alison Parnham aims to help clinicians effectively maintain the integrity in individuals whose skin may be compromised, due to prolonged, or continuous exposure to moisture.

Leg ulcer cleansing – a new approach

Skin cleansing in VLU care can be an overlooked area that requires a new approach and simple solutions. Learn about a novel approach to leg ulcer cleansing using Octenisan wash mitts to maintain healthy skin around the ulcer and to prevent infection. By attending watching this webcast, you will gain insight into: The importance of […]

Why choose Activon® Manuka Honey over silver?

Ginny Deane, a TVN from Staffordshire, describes the overuse of Silver dressings and advises clinicians to consider using Activon® Manuka Honey as a safe and effective alternative. It is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent that is effective against planktonic bacteria and biofilms, while promoting autolytic debridement of slough and necrotic tissue. #TVNTV

MARSI and Appeel Sterile

Fiona Downie and Jacqui Fletcher discuss medical adhesive-related skin injuries and how the Appeel Sterile Adhesive Remover is an appropriate product for reducing skin trauma. #TVNTV

UCS™ Debridement cloths

Gemma Davies describes how and when to use UCS Debridement Cloths, a sterile pre-moistened cloth, for mechanical debridement of wounds and surrounding skin. #TVNTV

Compression systems: JuxtaLite

JuxtaLite is an adjustable velcro compression device that can help support patients to self care, which is especially pertinent at the moment. Teresa Mitchell demonstrates how to use JuxtaLite and how it can be adjusted to support the individual patient needs. #TVNTV