Wound malodour, why is such a problem and how to manage?

From a patient perspective, malodour is often cited as one of the worst aspects of living with a wound. Malodour can have a hugely detrimental effect on quality of life and mental health, potentially causing anxiety, depression and lack of confidence, as well as affecting the patient’s personal life and day-to-day activities. This webcast focuses […]

Odour management for chronic wounds

Sylvie Hampton describes the impact a malodorous wound may have on a patient’s quality of life and the mode of action of an activated charcoal dressing, which can be used as part of symptom management.

MARSI and Appeel Sterile

Fiona Downie and Jacqui Fletcher discuss medical adhesive-related skin injuries and how the Appeel Sterile Adhesive Remover is an appropriate product for reducing skin trauma. #TVNTV

Medical Adhesive Related Skin Injury (MARSI): An avoidable harm.

The aim of the webcast is to raise awareness and give practical advice on medical-adhesive related skin injury (MARSI), with a focus on assessing patient risk and strategies for prevention. This includes the importance of a full assessment, decision-making based on the individual and their overall health and circumstances, tips for best practice, advice on product selection for […]