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Medical Adhesive Related Skin Injury (MARSI): An avoidable harm.

29 July 2020


live day Q&A

The aim of the webcast is to raise awareness and give practical advice on medical-adhesive related skin injury (MARSI), with a focus on assessing patient risk and strategies for prevention. This includes the importance of a full assessment, decision-making based on the individual and their overall health and circumstances, tips for best practice, advice on product selection for prevention, the importance of patient communication.

Learning points

By attending this webcast you will gain insight into:

  • Definitions of MARSI and its impact on patients and clinicians
  • The importance of MARSI and why there is a need to raise awareness of MARSI
  • The importance of assessment: both of the skin of the patient as a whole
  • Strategies for risk assessment and prevention of MARSI
  • Appropriate product selection for prevention of MARSI
  • Role of sterile silicone adhesive removers in management of MARSI
  • Key tips for best practice


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